Life is Weird Right Now

SO .. I been going through some stuff and haven’t always had my balance or been very cheerful,  but I am making it work and finding my bearings ..

And then I did something weird – SO you know those Facebook things that you click on and it reveals something amazing about you?

I clicked on them today … you know like you do … for fun .. to see what things it will reveal about my inner self ..

  1. Liking that I’m a panther as my soul animal.  I love cats and I have two black (mostly) cats at home.  Mrow.
download (1)

2.  Hm.  Wondering of the alleged 700 people that I know .. WHO are the 8 that hate me . . hate is a strong word .. can you please identify yourselves .. why? Sniff sniff.

download (2)

3.  So this was weird but really I loved the words written in it .. Lately I’ve been saying to myself Life is Short and I need to live it out loud and try new things..  Win.

download (4)

4. I actually found this pleasing .. I feel like a warrior right now .. I’m fighting a battle that I never thought I’d fight (not an illness .. don’t worry folks), and it’s completely true that my confidence, if you see it, was hard fought and doesn’t come easily in my life – but I am ready to see what will come my way .. Kudos.

download (5)

5. So . this I can use and is right up my alley for being ready for antying that might come my way .. if only it would .. if only I played Lottery games .. if only ..  Should I try to play more often .. one of these “things” that I didn’t post said my lucky day next year is June 22, 2019 – stay tuned.  No you can’t ease my burden by taking this one off my hands.

download (6)


So there you go .. stay tuned for which of these might come true if they haven’t yet, or go ahead and comment if you think the feelings and spirit animal describe me (or not), and for those 8 of you .. sup with that?  Why you be hating?






Poe & Vincent Price Film Series – Experienced at our local KPL

Disclaimer – I do not own these pictures, logos, descriptors and I don’t profess to

Hi all

Our local Library – Kitchener Public Library –  recently posted they were hosting a free three movie event on three Wednesday’s in October ..

logoJust in time for Halloween, join us for a spook-tacular film series featuring three classic adaptations of the works of Edgar Allan Poe starring the inimitable “master of menace” Vincent Price.

So I thought three things:

  1. Hey free .. can’t beat that right?
  2. I’ve never seen EA Poe’s films (the three precede my birth but everyone knows the Raven and especially since it was featured on a Simpson’s episode)
  3. I liked Vincent Price (remember this?
    1. “The castle lights are growing dim – there’s nobody left but me and him,
      next, you will meet him, Frankenstone, don’t come alone…”
    2. hqdefault

So  far I’ve gone to two of the three but I thought I’d put in my observations at this time.


Wed. October 3rd: THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (1960)

When Philip Winthrop (Mark Damon) visits his fiancée Madeleine Usher (Myrna Fahey) in her crumbling family mansion, her brother Roderick (Vincent Price) tries to talk him out of the wedding, explaining that the Usher family is cursed and that extending its bloodline will only prolong the agony. Madeleine wants to elope with Philip, but neither of them can predict what ruthless lengths Roderick will go to in order to keep them apart.



Frankly because this was filmed so long ago in a horror genre but before any really cool effects were developed, I didn’t hold out much hope for “horror” or fear, not like movies like The Nun currently out – no walk-by shock horror.  Yet the poster says THE UNGODLY.. THE EVIL, so let’s see where it went.

Yet it was strangely compelling and that is largely down to Vincent.  He is so deliciously creepy that you know he’s evil and that you shouldn’t cross him.  You know the set is fake and likely not a real outside old Gothic castle .. you have to question why the inside is so creepy, full of cobwebs and lighting issues when you know people live there, and you know the dude showing up on his horse is going to get it somehow – yet having never seen it I enjoyed the whole thing.

Before the film the KPL hosted a green screen picture event, so I got to pose with VP



Wed. October 10th: THE PIT & THE PENDULUM (1961)

Having learned of the sudden death of his sister Elizabeth (Barbara Steele), Francis Bernard (John Kerr) sets out to the castle of his brother-in-law, Nicholas Medina (Vincent Price), to uncover the cause of her untimely demise. A distraught, grief-stricken Nicolas can only offer the vaguest explanations of Elizabeth’s death – at first citing “something in her blood”, but later asserting that she quite literally “died of fright”. With Francis determined to get to the bottom of this mystery, the terrible truth will not stay buried long.



Having seen the first one I was interested to see what would be different in this one.  I think the set was very similar and perhaps was the same set, slightly different, than the last one and perhaps the same producer/directors but I liked that the poster said it was THE GREATEST TERROR TALE EVER TOLD.  Bold proclamation but then it was 1961.

Again you have the same model really: protective sadistic creepy dude (VP), weak and silly female(s), and an outsider or two to muddy the works and/or get whacked.

Again was intrigued by the whole film and how it wove itself out – it wasn’t that predictable actually – and loved the ending scene (retribution beeyatch).  VP was deliciously creepy in his weird outfits and collars and as he goes mad at some point that was very well done and I felt more scared of that character.

The KPL pre-event was to make a Victorian ruffle out of paper  – you can see me channeling VP here.



Wed. October 24th: THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH (1964)

While the plague rages outside in the small Italian province, Prince Prospero (Vincent Price), stays confined to the sanctuary of his castle with his aristocratic guests.  Indifferent to the suffering outside, Prospero holds a masquerade ball where the celebrants revel in their debauchery and cruelty, unaware of the mysterious masked stranger lurking in their midst. 



The final movie plays next week and I must say I AM looking forward to viewing it and seeing the similarities of how it is differently creepy than the others.  The poster says to LOOK INTO THIS FACE – SHUDDER – TREMBLE – GASP… so this will be fun too.

Will the set be similar – how might they weave the same creepiness into a masquerade ball – what will Vincent wear this time?

The pre-event will be to create a mask worthy of Prince Prospero’s ball so that also will be fun and I can’t wait to see what they have in mind for the masks and what I might create.

SO .. couple of things to take away from this post I guess:

  1. Vincent Price is and always creepy (did he ever not do evil?) and EA Poe’s work can stand the test of time – still macabre and evil
  2. Search out your local library for free stuff that you will enjoy – they always have something going on.

Cheers all




Another First .. not food or sex related …

Hi  and anyone that looks at my ramblings ..

today i was greeting a workmate who had just been on the most amazing trip that i was so excited for her seeing her posts .. and we talked about my recent first that i posted on facebook ..

i started to reflect on my firsts while i was sitting here reading my yogurt .. i talk about things i try to do and things that are outside of my comfort zone .. while camping last week my SIL appeared very interested in what i was doing and why and how i chose things ..

while talking to her last week i started to reflect on what i could then .. because i had said to her that i tried to seize the moment …

well .. that came up .. we bought a trailer 3 years ago .. it is 18.5 ft long and when on the back of our Acadia is pretty LONG and also about 7000 lbs in total . … i am scared to drive it or scrape off the side of it on a turn etc .. i know i can’t back the truck up and hook it up .. but baby steps right?

since we got the thing i’ve started to think i’d like to take a weekend and camp alone (another first in planning) .. but .. see above re: hook up .. but then i thought i need to first try to drive the thing ..

so the truck looks like this (this is not our real truck FYI but ours looks like this  .. i often think it is very wide when i drive it around town ..

and the trailer looks like this when down (also not our real trailer FYI but identical  … 18.5 feet from stem to stern .. and we didn’t have the bike rack on …

and put together .. this is what i was navigating (our real stuff) .. w/o killing anything (one) or crashing and it was spitty-type raining ..  it has stabilizer bars and it’s own brakes and so you shouldn’t feel too much different or pull … in theory right?

i CAN put up the trailer (illustrative .. not our real trailer) .. it’s quite easy and lovely and takes about 15 minutes .. flip up the top and then flip up the two sides and hook up power and put down the legs and mostly done ..

so .. one step closer .. and i drove the thing for at least an hour I think .. until i reached a coffee stop 🙂 and it was pretty easy but you can’t let yourself get distracted and i suspect i could be more distracted than may be required on some of the windy camping type roads we go on .. more practice needed ..

thanks for reading 🙂

and btw .. here was our view for the week away .. pretty terrible right?

thanks for reading my not about food or fitness or sex blog 😉


Rugged Maniac is .. well.. RUGGED ..woot!

Hi all

I spent yesterday doing the Rugged Maniac Challenge here in Kitchener .. for those that don’t know what it is .. here’s a description (sort of like the Mud Run):

Picture this: You arrive at Chicopee Ski Resort in Kitchener on June 9th with a carload of your most adventurous friends. As you step out you notice the people around you admiring your group’s coordinated “Avengers-in-bathing-suits” costumes and your on-point Hulk-green body paint. In the festival, people are already riding the mechanical bull and playing beach volleyball (Rugged Maniac is definitely more than just a mud run), but you’re more interested in the stein-hoisting contest on the main stage. You make a note to sign up for that and the pie-eating contest after you run. You see obstacles in the distance – mud-covered people jumping over fire, bouncing on trampolines, rocketing down a huge water slide – and your surging excitement confirms what you already knew: Today is going to be awesome!

If you want to see some of the obstacles click on here:

So 25 obstacles over a 3 mile/5 KM course which includes the added bonus running up and down STEEP hills to burn those quads – meant to test the strength and determination of everyone who comes out, dressed in costume or not.

Was this outside my comfort zone .. HELL yes .. but then my lovely trainer Luke had kind and encouraging words .. I do what I can do within my mobility limits, I already do more than I thought I could, and to have fun and enjoy the social experience because as a team we are Stronger than Alone (Gym motto).

So off I went with 10 other brave souls at 1:15 PM start time .. most of the group IMO more fit than I in all reality but all determined to test themselves and have a great day .. all dressed alike in a special T shirt for our group in black which might not have the best color in heat but happily it was a bit overcast and not stifling hot which was really the best way to try this workout 🙂

We did many things:

We crawled through dirty water and mud pits with rocks at the bottom of the pits – under barbed wire and poles and tarps (poor knees and elbows and shirts and hair that got caught up):

We crawled over walls and high things – sometimes with the help of kind strangers 🙂 and everyone was quite helpful and encouraging with a “great job” as you pass:

We slid down things – sometimes into water – and jumped over fire pits:

We hung from things and sometimes fell in the water (note that I basically didn’t make it very far on this one – lack of upper body) but the lone guy in our group was amazing on this thing that ran, grabbed, held onto as you went UPHILL and rang a bell – nice form):

We got dirty and wet (not necessarily in that order and repeated frequently as so many folks had gone before us .. some walking areas were complete mud):

We crawled or walked over moving things sometimes on water while avoiding things and sometimes getting stuck upside down:

We stuck together and finished proudly – wet, hungry, happy, muddy, and feeling accomplished:

Of course then you get your free beer (hubs got mine), your medals and a great feeling that you just did something great.

I am SO proud of myself .. it was so far outside my comfort zone that you can’t see the edges of my comfort zone and everyone was so helpful and encouraging and saying I AM AN INSPIRATION .. wow .. and I feel amazing having done it.

cheers all

from tired Barb
PS hubs walked the entire course with us to be our photographer, often running way ahead to get in front of the group to take pics .. love this guy!

60 days .. 15 lbs and 10 inches .. My Interview with ME

Hi all

When I started the Incinerator program with my trainer, Luke, I measured myself and tracked it. This was the biggest commitment I’d made to my fitness in a very long time – twice a week with personal training and something else – ideally an Incinerator video – the other days. I am not a daily exercise person nor do I really want to be but I felt ready and I think Luke thought I was ready as he took me on as a client.   I am over 50 years old now and really needed to take care of myself.  My last several years have been about self-care and self-learning and this is part of my path.

Here’s the deets on the program and the Trainer (and there are other amazing trainers at this facility).

Luke Nietsch – R1SE Army Inc – Part owner of The Wreckroom – Best Gym Atmosphere in Kitchener (Ontario Canada)

Motto: # Stonger Together Than Alone26219397_564553680555698_7677692924086655836_n

The following is a series of questions I wrote down when I embarked on my journey. It’s particularly relevant now because I was feeling yesterday when I did the 60 day metrics that I completely sucked and failed because the figures weren’t what I was hoping for. I figured – in answering these questions – I would discover why I was so disappointed.

Q: What was the hardest part of the program?
– Honestly, being motivated to do more than I was willing to do prior and not really know if I could do what was being asked of me – really the unknown here. Remember this is a very different “gym” atmosphere than I’ve been used to, and even though I’d been working with a trainer previously who did push me, I was only working as much as I was allowing into my schedule and probably not working her into my schedule as perhaps I should have been, if you see the difference.
– Luke is a very different “animal” than I’ve allowed myself to trust in the past and really the fear of the unknown here, despite client’s attestations, was like a stumbling block. The first day I arrived I has such nervous fear I hovered in the doorway.

Q: Did you get value from recording your food?
– I already recorded my food and had a fairly good idea of what I was putting into my mouth on a daily basis – and had been recording it for years actually. Through speaking with my doctor and doctor’s dietician regarding my pre-diabetes, we’d set some parameters I was working towards in my tracking – things like no more than this of cholesterol and no more of that of sugar – but I couldn’t get it balanced and,  in the end as an accountant, that bugs me.
– Through working through Luke’s food plan, made specifically for this program and designed to work with the Incinerator videos, I made changes to get myself into the core of the parameters and had many a discussion with him when things that were on his plan were outside my limits, and with his help I figured out how to tweak it. Yes I sometimes eat stuff I probably shouldn’t but I know what’s going into my mouth, and he has said several times I generally eat pretty clean .. just to be more consistent.

Q: What was the first thing you noticed about your body that surprised you?
– Funny story. I was driving along in my car, and I had my left hand on the top of my steering wheel, and I leaned forward to check an intersection and something popped up on my arm just below my elbow and I’m all like what the hell is that? Clearly a muscle I wasn’t expecting!!
– I can actually do more than 10 crunches without going ugh, and also more than 10 modified push ups before I yack.

Q: Did you hit your scale and metric expectations?
– NO. And really I’m not sure if my self-measurements are accurate or really what my expectations were if I think hard about it and be honest with myself.
– Did I lose inches? Yes at least 10 with my likely less-than-accurate measurements.
– Did I lose pounds? Yes 15 in 60 days. So close to the 2 lbs a week recommended to be healthy and to be able to keep it off.
– Are my clothes looser? Yes especially around the waist.

Q: How committed were you to the program?
– Not going to lie here. I wasn’t sure I was going to commit 100% to it as I am always “busy” (nice excuse lol) and when my blood pressure goes up I tend to just bail out.
– Did I do a video every day when I wasn’t with Luke? Not every day. Many days and certainly way more than I thought I would. Walked way more, went to the gym with hubs and did more than normal, and certainly did the videos. (Take the win!)
– Did I stick to my 2x a week Personal Training? Yep and even made the time to go in the evenings which has been my least favourite time. I think I did whatever assigned as best as I could with as much energy as I had.

Q: How motivational was Luke?
– Amazing. He answered my texts whenever I needed him to, and picked me up mentally when I was so down and not seeing results or generally just doubting myself. He pushes me and I have been doing so much more than I thought I could or would allow him to “make” me do.
– The Facebook site for all his R1SE members are so full of folks commenting and egging you on that you feel so worth it in what you are doing to and for yourself. This program and this group are so different from any other “gym” I’ve attended – like night and day different.   He has a sense of humor and I really feel he wants me to do my best and his goal is to get me there.

Q: How do you feel at the end of 60 days?
– Great actually. When my Achilles tendon bugs me (an old injury), it takes less time for it to feel normal. I get up in the morning faster, I walk faster, and I used to go downstairs sometimes like one foot down then the second onto the same riser and I don’t do that anymore.  I’m not YET saying yes let’s exercise today woot .. but when I schedule it in I don’t think Boo.

Q: Will you carry on?
– Definitely. Not sure I can say I’m hooked but I’m sniffing the baited hook.

Q: Were there promises that weren’t met?
– No. The promises made were things like “you will get through this and be better each time .. I promise you” and that is completely true no matter how modified or slow I think I’m going.
– Standard things like you put in the work you get the results – all true because there are results, and in the end as Luke would say, he is only guiding me where I want to go.

Q: Did you see value for money?
– Of course. I didn’t worry about the money per se, as in the end my health is worth pretty much any amount (don’t read this part Luke LOL) that I toss at it and this is another segment on my journey.

Stop whining you silly girl. You saw results, you are thinner, folks tell you this, you are motivated to keep going, you can do it and you ARE doing it.

60 days ago – 30 days ago – yesterday .. difference? You know I want to say it’s the outfit or the angle or how far away the camera person is.  I think I may be less lumpy 🙂

Let’s keep on ..


i jogged .. and the earth is still rotating

i don’t run – i’ve sometimes thought i want to run

or at minimum i want to “want to” run .. probably because i think i should enjoy jogging because so many others do

so i don’t run … and i think if i did .. what a sight i’d be and poor ground under my clunky feet

but then luke my trainer says last week at a training session we will go for a run

me: i don’t run .. i told you this
luke: i told you that was a personal problem
me: ha
luke: we are going for a run
me: um

so .. i don’t argue .. i do whatever he says .. and when he says we’re going for a run he means me

i jog/walked the 10 lengths he assigned .. roughly half mile i think .. up and down outside his gym along the street from stop sign to basketball net .. some encouraging ladies sitting on their stoop by the basketball net which was so nice ..

happily i surprised myself and ran at minimum half the distance .. didn’t think i could

and when we repeated this exercise yesterday morning .. as a warm up (?) .. i did do it faster so that’s a win i think

do i like running .. no .. not yet anyway .. i think i’m too heavy and unpracticed

but i did it anyway and will continue to do it

because he says so – and he’s more of a teddy bear than he appears in his pix

i have to admit though .. i’m willing to run when he says so .. so it’s all me in the end and i need him to push me 🙂 and guide me to where i want to go with my fitness

and the earth didn’t stop moving



Hard Workout & Anti Workout/Food Sentiments that Made Me Laugh

hey everyone
i came across this gif on Facebook and it made me laugh out loud

this is hilarious because when i wore a FitBit hubs often joked we should attach it to the dog for the dayemoticon but of course we never did

and then i saw this one on FB also .. and because i’m a coffee hound it struck me as funneh and again i laughed out loud

last night my trainer Luke had to bail on our session for corporate reasons (last minute partners meeting or something) so he said I needed to do the Complete Cardio workout from what he calls his Incinerator Program emoticon that he provided to me for free since i’m currently his client

never done it before and am not very good at working out a home alone – it’s so easy to just give up or not do it or do anything else 🙂 .. first timer for one of his vids .. it was DAMN hard .. not gonna lie .. wanted to quit 1/2 way in but did what i could and modified what i couldn’t and kept moving .. 30 minutes ..

i did it .. i am so proud of myself for doing it a) myself b) the whole 30 minutes and c) at home and then i posted my pic and that i did it on our member FB group so he’d know i’d tried

Luke’s comments? Yes yes yes! SO much yes!!!! so i guess he was happy i did it
i’ll see what he says when we have our session tonite at 7  … if i can move emoticon .. i suspect he suggested i try it but thought i might not or just chicken out

cheers all


Detox Over — Results

hello all

at the request of my new trainer i tried a two day detox .. shameless business plug:

it’s the Wreckroom Fitness in Kitchener

and my trainer is Luke


i’m not a fan of smoothies and detoxing but he told me i’d be surprised but that i’d be more tired and not to work out during the two days .. not working out –woot! .. tired–sigh

hubs tried it too… in solidarity he said .. but then he was in charge of making those smoothies .. he likes smoothies and has them frequently although these were new recipes for him to try

day one was a smoothie for breakfast – a specific recipe .. tasted pretty good and strangely sweet.

for lunch was butter lettuce leaves filled with chopped veg and dashed with fresh lemon juice

snack was an apple fave

Image result for apple
dinner was a giant salad with any veg you like with a dash of lemon juice .. i love salad so this worked for me .. hubs said he didn’t get enough cheese and bacon in his (HAHA)

for those Weight Watchers folks that’s a total of 1 point for the day and only because of the whey in the smoothie

and arggghhh – can’t lie .. this part not fun

scale result: -5.6 lbs

day two was the same smoothie for breakfast and same lettuce wraps for lunch and same apple snack
  Image result for apple

but dinner was this lovely zucchini fennel soup – which i’ve not had before – very easy to make and smelled sort of like turkey cooking in the oven which i thought was very weird.

for those Weight Watchers folks that’s a total of 3 points for the day – 1 for the whey and 2 for the soup base

scale result -2.0 lbs

Detox over – but this morning i did the day three meal plan breakfast he lists .. another smoothie but different in texture and stuff .. tasted pretty good

and i might try the lunch suggested but modified – chicken breast with avocado mayonnaise and diced veggies in a lettuce wrap.. because i like those things 🙂

not going to lie – really really want a COFFEE but i’ve decided to have one after my 7 pm workout if i still want one then ..

i get a workout with Luke today so we’ll see what he thinks ..

did i like it? like is a strong word .. i am surprised and pleased i could pull it off because it’s not much food or nutrition to go on, minimal protein and fibre but i do feel great this morning.. I was tired and low energy over the two days but as an office worker that is sometimes normal emoticon

i’m proud of myself for trying it – a new thing outside my comfort zone and tried different foods which was cool

the weight loss i’m hoping wasn’t just water — i did drink about 60 oz a day of water

both of us had odd dreams .. he dreamed about mounds of mashed potatoes with chopped nuts, white bread and some m&m’s (which sounds terrible but he said was yummy) and i dreamed we owned houses that we don’t own in neighborhoods we’d never like to live in and were going to school but it was very icy out so we went down the street to my aunt’s house and went for a swim on their sunny beach.

did i sleep better?  perhaps .. bed earlier for sure .. my Belabeat says I was more restful.

so there you go … sharing!



Saying goodbye to my cat friend Julian

Hi all

My daughter’s cat stayed with us when she moved out for school .. and he’s reaching almost 14 years old now.  So he became our cat ….or rather my son’s since he sits on HIS lap all the time and shares his bed . his name is Julian Jub Jub, he is a black tuxedo cat, and he is very loving and wants to be near you.

I’ve been watching a slow decline for months and more recently when I’ve been home doing a reno project .. he normally eats everything, drinks a lot and seems ok if not thin.. and the last couple of days not wanting to eat really .. he’s always cold, has lost muscle mass as well as fat, and sleeps most of the day away ..

I did not want to do anything around Christmas or my daughters’ birthday – one is Jan 6 and one is Feb 4 b/c I didn’t want that memory .. but we were going on vacation soon and I hadn’t wanted my son to deal with “anything”.

Well, on Feb 7 I could not longer watch it, knowing what I might hear, so off hubs and I go to the vet.  A steady decline could have been many many things that we would have to rule out, and in the end it would be a matter of maintenance or managing his life instead of him living it.

So we let him go.  Sadly.  I can’t do that .. my hubs stayed with him.

I will always miss him.

RIP Julian

0d2968ed-507b-47a3-9cf5-71c340a96166above –  with his litter brother who died some years ago

below – with his now brothers

cheers all



The Circus was in town .. the original 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie that is..

Hi all

I recently went to a charitable fund raising event at a local church (in Cambridge Ontario – Wesley United Church). It is a very old and lovely building but hard on the butts because of it’s original pew seating

The fundraiser was the screening of The Circus – a Charlie Chaplin movie that came out in 1928. It was to be screened on a large screen in it’s original black and white glamour and have the accompaniment of a famous organist.

The Circus is a 1928 silent film written and directed by Charlie Chaplin. The film stars Chaplin, Al Ernest Garcia, Merna Kennedy, Harry Crocker, George Davis and Henry Bergman. The ringmaster of an impoverished circus hires Chaplin’s Little Tramp as a clown, but discovers that he can only be funny unintentionally, not on purpose.

The production of the film was the most difficult experience in Chaplin’s career. Numerous problems and delays occurred, including a studio fire, the death of Chaplin’s mother, as well as Chaplin’s bitter divorce from his second wife Lita Grey, and the Internal Revenue Service’s claims of Chaplin’s owed back taxes, all of which culminated in filming being stalled for eight months.The Circus was the seventh highest grossing silent film in cinema history taking in more than $3.8 million in 1928. The film continues to receive high praise.

Our meetup group (for couples over 40) decided to attend this feature for three reasons:
1. We like to get together outside of our lives and do something different
2. We wanted to feel like we would have when the movie originally premiered
3. We wanted to see a world class organist play

So I described the movie above so you know what I’m talking about. The organist, Ian Sadler, has been playing along with the movie for about 20 years. He’s a juno award winner, a fellowship award winner and I’m guessing he’s won most any other award possible 🙂

What was very cool was the organ he played on .. a very very old and complicated thing with big pipes (see below) that don’t appear to be attached to the organ and you can see the very complicated organ behind where he is sitting in the picture above.  I’m wondering how many hours it took to learn to play the thing.

Here’s a picture I sneaked of him playing with the film on in the background 🙂 and he dressed in a dark suit with a bowler type hat to get into the theme.

It was amazing. I watched him play at first .. so many buttons and so many foot pedal movements but after awhile you forget he’s there and watch the film. His music blended so well that you forgot it wasn’t part of the movie plus I was so amazed he played continuously for well over an hour.

Very cool experience (aside from the butt falling asleep).   It was nice to imagine what it would have been like to have been there at the premiere.

Highly recommended if you have an opportunity to see such a thing 🙂

You can watch it on youtube if you like: