Creative Sprint Day 8 #creativespring

Hey all

Today is day 8 – first I am going to congratulate myself for doing this at all and keeping it going even though NOBODY is ready my blogs 🙂

Second I am going to say again how much I admire the postings for the folks participating in our group on facebook .. some things are so lovely and creative and I wonder how they went there in their mind.

I will also say my favourite thing is still my giraffe collage – I look at it daily 🙂

On to today Day 8

Day 8
Spin around 3 times with your eyes closed and use the first thing you see when you open them as your inspiration for today.

Well the first thing I spied was my amethysts – still in their ugly cone box because I haven’t yet found a nice place to nest them and not wanting to mess them up – they’ve been cleansed by a “singing bowl and should only be touched by me.

20170408_171036 - Copy

Why amethysts?  Well I have some issues with anxiety which I have a rose crystal for, but it was suggested to me that I should likely get some amethysts as well for when I’m meditating or trying to quiet my brain.

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience.

OK so I needed a place to nest them appropriately.  I spied then on my desk an old office max box which holds paper clips and the like and then I found an old Christmas gift bag with the tissue paper.

20170408_171043 - Copy

I ended up making a pretty cool nesting place for the stones – much nicer than I thought it would end up being.

20170408_171050 - Copy

They seem pretty happy in there.

20170408_171154-1 - Copy

So job well done IMO








Creative Sprint Day 7 #creativesprint

Hey all

Today’s was a bit wacky as well:

Day 7: Use something sticky as your material today

I at first thought, since it SNOWED last night (WTH?) that I might be clever and go out and build a small snow fort out of “sticky” snowballs beside my ugly duck rock thing I made the other day.  But then someone in the office said uh uh that’s not sticky technically .. apparently I now have a rules enforced (and that’s nice because he’s interested in what I’m doing).

So here’s what I have at my desk: – some papertowels, some glue, and a fork that I recycled yesterday


So I spent some lunch time rolling little balls and gluing them to a paper, and then gluing that to the recycled fork, and then glued on a couple of leaves and VOILA .. a flower – now proudly stuck to my work wall.


I am sure some folks will ask if my kid made it .. um no my littlest is 18 🙂




Creative Sprint Day 5&6 #creativesprint


Hey all ..

Didn’t have the time to get this done yesterday so am cheating and doing 2 at once.

Day 5

Go outside (or look out a window) and spend some time looking at the natural aspects of the environment around you. Make something inspired by what you notice. Bonus: leave what you make outside for someone else to find!

Being at work I was scared by this one .. what could I possibly make either with work materials or outside the work materials.

Well this is the building I work in – lots of glass and views of green.


and this is the park like setting next to the building I work in where I walk frequently at lunch on the trails there


Yes there is a lake over there (I think man made, and paths along it, and ducks and geese, and more geese and geese and also some geese.

I came across a small stream like thing (that’s my office in the distance)


And the stream like thing made a private pond for two.  I love ducks .. they’re so quacky.

I found a beak shaped rock and thought perhaps I could fashion a friend for the pair much like a rock man or cairn .. so I made this ugly ugly friend – sharp beak, ugly flat rock back and ugly flat rock bottom up on a rock.  If someone finds it they probably won’t know what the heck it is 🙂


Onward to Day 6 then and that challenge – I felt the first couple of days weren’t too bad but this one was a bit harder.  THEN I saw this one!

Day 6

Transform something you thought was trash into something you want to keep.

Gee.  I’m at work and what sort of trash could  I have here that I would want to keep? I am quite enjoying the facebook posts where folks are so creative artistically but in my analyst world my creativity is in the data I process every day.

SOOOOO… strangely enough I was getting ticked off because my mouse cord (ever heard of wireless folks?) was impeding my keyboard and moving it around so I used my lunch to come up with a solution – from something I was about to toss







Creative Sprint Day 4 #creativesprint

Hello everyone ..

The creative challenge continues with Day 4.  This one stumped me for a bit:

Day 4

Break something and make something new with the parts.

I confess to being stumped at first.  What possibly could I break or want to break that I would/could then make into something new/else with whatever it was I broke?

Thinking of breaking CDs or glass and making some sort of mosaic but I’m not that crafty and didn’t have that much time frankly.

Then it came to me as I was at my personal training workout – KISS – keep it simple stupid …

SO …. when I got home I broke some eggs.


Then I went FURTHER and broke the yolks – anarchy!


Then I made an omelet for my lunch after my workout and tried to pretty it up with a tomato flower and creatively cut toast.


Served two purposes .. finished the challenge and got me food after my workout.

Well .. I thought it was creative and cool.




Creative Sprint Day 3 #creativesprint

Hello Everyone!

Day three of my 30 day creative challenge.  Today’s challenge was quite appropriate I felt since I likely had the worst day I’ve had in some time:

  1. Various team members are out of office due to slip and fall, vacation, sick kids, and something else.  It’s quarter end busy and we’re getting ready for next fiscal planning so not a good time for folks to have issues – albeit they are no one’s fault.
  2. I had a huge charlie horse in the calf muscle which made walking difficult so I didn’t go out at lunch and walk but then it was raining drizzly anyway and drab.
  3. My left arm hurt like it also had a charlie horse in the muscle.
  4. It’s a busy time at work so my boss and I were chatting about the potential additional work that might have to be handled by us because of point 1 – this made me nervous and I had to refocus myself on the moment.
  5. I spent the day reading contracts to validate commission, and got a huge headache around about 3 PM which didn’t dissipate until after I got home which made all that reading just UGH.
  6. That damn giraffe hasn’t had her baby yet.
  7. The coffee machine was broken.  I had to go downstairs to use the alternate machine which is a Starbucks machine and I hate Starbucks (sorry SB but I do).  So I drank the thing all the while going “eww, ugh, sigh” in my head.  I had to venture onto another floor to find better coffee when my headache kicked in, but found some.

Pretty crappy right?  This brings us to the challenge of the day:

Day 3
Open any book to a random page and use what you find there to inspire what you make today.

So I picked up a book on my desk that my friend gifted me at Christmas – called The Hidden Life of Trees. The passage: It’s late summer, and the forest is in a strange mood. Exhaustion is setting in, and the trees are waiting for the stressful season to end. They feel just like we do after a busy day at work- ready for a well earned rest.

I don’t draw well, and truth be told I used every grade 2 or grade 3 trick I could remember (and put in that damn giraffe 🙂 )

I thought it’d be funny to draw trees being tired and bent over – much like I feel right now. And it was funny to pull that passage after the day I had, right?

So here you go:


A crappy drawing at the end of a crappy day .. woot!




Creative Sprint Day 2 #creativesprint

Hi all

First of all .. on Facebook we join up for those doing the April challenge and I must say I was very very impressed with the creativity of some folks .. which is of course probably the reason for doing this!

Day 2 .. today’s challenge stumped me a bit as I started to think through what it meant and what today’s challenge looks like for ME.

Day 2
Make a tribute to your spirit animal.

HM!.  Well I’ve always thought my spirit animal MUST be a cat or that in a previous life I was a cat or in a future life I would BE a cat.  I love to laze around on the edge of my bed in the sun shining in through my big bedroom window – soaking up the heat and just being lazy.  Imagine sleeping as much as you want, lazing around, being fed, and petted and loved just for being me. I mean I do have three lovely lazy cats, right?



Well.. I thought about it a bit and was surprised at myself by deciding I was wrong.  For those two folks that read my blog, you know I wrote about my obsession recently with a giraffe called April who is due to give birth to a calf any day now – she resides somewhere in New York –

Still stands for me .. such a lovely, loving, graceful creature, her long neck curving around her stomach when she gets what little sleep she gets, or curving around her mate in a giraffe hug, or cozying up to her keepers.  Yes, she isn’t FREE and she is not a pet, and yet I’m fascinated by watching her at feeding times and how she behaves around the humans responsible for her food, safety and happiness – not unlike how the cats depend on me for the same things.  AND remember cats were not always pets.

And so I’ve decided my spirit animal is a giraffe – standing tall and proud, graceful and loving, and interesting!

With that in mind I made a collage of pictures from this particular giraffe and put it in an extra frame I had lying (laying?) around – and I’m quite pleased at how I got some of the pictures outside the picture frame box like they’re sticking out their heads hello.

20170402_153204 20170402_153110

And if mostmom is looking, you might see something that is a homage to you for getting me interested in this challenge 🙂








Creative Sprint Day 1 #CreativeSprint

Hi there

I joined a challenge that I hoped would entice me to think creatively for the next 30 days .. 30 days is a long time to go being creative so I hope I’m up to the task.

Here’s the description:

First it’s a book you can order called Creative Sprint:

Creative Sprint Book!

Six 30-Day Challenges To Jumpstart Your Creativity

You know that if you practice yoga, guitar, salsa dancing, tennis, or pretty much anything else, you’re going to get better at it. In fact, if you practice every day you’re going to be pretty darn good! While you might not think of your own creativity as something you can practice, it actually works the same way.

We created this interactive workbook to help anyone develop creative muscles in 30-day sprints. Each of the 6 sprints in this book has a theme and includes prompts that will get you drawing, writing, taking photos, making collages or doing anything creative that you choose! We’ve included motivational stories and quotes from some of the amazing global CreativeSprint community members and writing activities at the end of each 30-day challenge to help you figure out what to do next. It also features beautiful hand-cut paper illustrations by Noah!  Available anywhere books are sold.

Also on their website they have a free 30 day challenge (which I read about on Sparks People) so I joined up immediately and then immediately said wth I can’t do this .. gulp.

Today is day 1 .. and sure enough in the email is my first creative task.

Make something that fits in the palm of your hand using only the materials in your immediate environment.

Hm .. here is my immediate environment:


Well.. I could make a hat for the stress cow, or stick pins in it, or do something with my magnifying glass but really in my office environment other than paper, pencils and pins I’m thinking geez what can I do?

Well I do have pins and paperclips.. I began to think of those macaroni necklaces the kids made me many years ago that I loved and just because they were so excited to present them to me. So here I go and it fits in my palm.

And it looks lovely on. Not necessarily practical with the clip thing there but I did the challenge and it was colourful.


Day 1 – success. Cheers


I’m on Giraffe Crotch Watch

Hi All

Did I get your attention? LOL

ok .. Some of you may know that there is a giraffe named April who is due to give birth – her due date is any time. The Animal Adventure Park started streaming live sometime in early March and the watchers have been a lot from everywhere. Someone coined that we were all on crotch watch because the giraffe’s hind end will get puffy and she will stick her tail out when in labor.


Hugging the baby
So why mention it? I’m strangely addicted to watching at feeding times (9:30 PM) and seeing how genuine the caregivers are in their love for these animals.

I am also strangely fascinated by how beautiful these creatures are, so innocent, so without agenda and just going about enjoying their day and enjoying small pleasures like romaine lettuce for a treat.

She’s getting larger and closer to giving birth. I have to admire the Animal Adventure Park (somewhere in NY) for putting themselves out there – and yes I realize they are getting publicity from it and it’s their first giraffe birth and THEY are so excited – but they do post videos and updates almost every day and answer so many questions about giraffes – so much I didn’t know about them and observing them up close is so cool.

It makes me think about my day and how I need to take time to play with MY enrichment toys or just chill and be. I’m sad to think that if they were in the wild they and their baby might not survive and that the giraffe species population in general is worrisome.

So many thoughts .. all about a beautiful giraffe. I hope I get reincarnated as one 🙂

Here’s the link if you want to watch:

Thanks for reading!


Why Can’t I See What Others See?

Hi All

I went to my personal training session today – this morning – before going off to work. I am lucky my workplace contract works around my need to have this in my life each Tuesday morning.

I go once a week and have been since last May – the goal is slow and steady building of lean muscle and getting fitter gradually so I can maintain it. I am lifting heavier weights and doing things with better form (including dead lifting and stuff with machines  – things I never thought I would do) and I love my trainer (yes I do Amber Huber – she does not let me get away with sloth, encourages me and helps me build my form) so it’s starting to be fun to go 🙂 Think about if this were true in the GIF below???

Since I didn’t see any weight coming off, and in fact some was creeping back on, and since my trainer suggested that I stop watching for a while since muscle sometimes takes up less room than fat but may weigh the same and the scale is only measuring gravity on my body – I could be losing inches but not weight. So I stopped obsessing about the scale and put it away. Did too, because I am not my weight.

My trainer said I looked smaller today. She did it without prompting as I was talking to her about I don’t know what at the beginning of my session and stepping on the treadmill for the warm up. She has nothing to gain from lying to me about it.  I won’t come more often, I talk about her to everyone that asks, and we are a good team.

Yet … I was reluctant to a) believe it and b) accept it as a compliment. After all this time, I still struggle with believing what others see and accepting it to be true. My hubs is forever complaining that if only I could see what he sees I would love myself so much more.

As I walked the treadmill my thoughts went like this:
1. What is the ulterior motive? Is there one?
2. Am I wearing something different? Do I hide behind fat clothes?
3. Am I really thinner?
4. My pants do fit better – I am aware of that.
5. My rolls are still there though – I hate them.
6. Yet I don’t see them stick out as much though – when I look downward.
7. Scanning for sarcasm from the trainer .. It’s clean (Simpson’s reference :))

I said thank you .. finally. I should have just accepted it in the beginning but I have had this issue for so long that it’s hard to believe it now. Part of my journey must be to believe in MYSELF and my journey and those that are assisting me with my journey. Yes they get paid to assist me with my journey but I also believe they WANT to.

cheers and thanks for reading.


Exercise is getting funner

Hi readers

For those that read my blog, you know I’m not an exercise hound .. I don’t feel great after .. I hate going and it is hard to motivate myself to go .. I am just lazy!

Sample not me

Sample me

Well, I have been going to a personal trainer .. .she’s fun, funny and motivates me. And guess what .. .I actually want to go! Weird.

Yes it’s only once a week. Yes I probably don’t work out at 100% but I do it and have done it since May without fail.

I will say that having a trainer has helped. And also say that THIS particular trainer is amazing and I like to be around her energy.

I don’t think I feel that euphoria you are supposed to but it isn’t so bad to make the effort – shockers coming from me. Plus I LOVE the hot shower reward 🙂

This cartoon sums it up for me (I came across it recently)

so true

Sparkle on exercisers!